Clearbit signed up new users, connected more deeply with its audience, and made sales calls more effective

...projects have led to new trial signups, more and better sales conversations, and a valuable partnership with a Fortune 500 company... We've already done multiple projects, and I'm looking forward to working with him again!

Matt Sornson
Growth Marketing @ Clearbit

Project Details


Clearbit is setting a new standard in business intelligence and data enrichment. Airbnb, Asana, Atlassian, and 1000+ other businesses rely on accurate and up-to-date data from Clearbit to make sales and marketing decisions.

The Goal

Clearbit initially approached Zavzen with the goal of creating a single landing page. Over the course of multiple projects, the scope evolved into the following goals:

  • Increase trial sign ups of the Clearbit Salesforce integration by converting customers from a former competitor
  • Connect with B2B marketers to communicate the importance of using data for faster growth
  • Create a set of tools to enhance quality of sales conversations with high-value prospects

The Process


Working with Clearbit began, like all Zavzen projects, by developing a deep understanding of the organization, audience/users, and competitors. Zavzen discovered that the audience was primarily driven, young, and predominantly male salespeople and marketers. Digging deeper into their motivations informed us that design decisions had to appeal to both a logical focus on numbers as well as the passion for using the freshest tools and technology. Discussions with the organization revealed a number of customer acquisition channels. Clearbit reached their audience through inbound marketing, sales outreach, and a combination of paid and organic traffic. Having multiple touchpoints provided the potential for individual projects to serve as both conversion-focused landing pages and sales reference material.

Researching competitors revealed similar language and abstract imagery across the industry. This gave Clearbit a great opportunity to differentiate through both tone and visuals. With a goal in mind and an understanding of the business, design decisions could now be made effectively.

Competitors’ abstract, corporate imagery
Clearbit’s informative, inviting imagery
Information Collection Process
Data-driven Marketing

Design Details

A Salesforce-focused comparison landing page led to improved trial conversion

Clearbit had a huge opportunity when a competitor to their data enrichment platform was shutting down. Users were looking for a new solution, but they didn't have an effective way to reach those customers. Zavzen and Clearbit worked together to create a resource specifically targeting users coming from this former competitor. This solution generated leads for their free trial as well as being a tool for the Clearbit sales team to reference while speaking to higher-value prospects.

  • Strong calls-to-actions (CTAs) and a dynamic header to improve conversion for organic and paid traffic
  • Easy navigation creates more effective sales conversations by allowing reps to quickly find the most relevant data to their conversation
  • Clear, understandable data differentiates from competitors by being both logically compelling and visually interesting
  • Improved visual consistency between existing text-based marketing site and data-based web application
  • Relevant testimonials establish credibility and trust
Full ‘Clearbit vs.’ Project

Targeted content marketing reached the high-value segment of B2B marketers

Clearbit faced the challenge of communicating with three separate audiences: sales, marketing, and developers. Through a 'Data-Driven Sales' guide and in-depth API documentation, their content marketing spoke effectively to 2/3 of those audiences. However, they needed a way to connect with marketers. By working with Zavzen to create a resource specific to B2B marketers, they were able to better reach their potential buyers.

  • Relatable and informational illustration to distinguish from the competition
  • Visual differentiation to highlight valuable published content while hinting at new content to encourage sign ups
Full 'Data-Driven Marketing' Project

Better explanation of complex data processes improved sales conversations and marketing outreach

When data is the lifeblood of your business, understanding the quality and coverage of that data becomes vitally important. Clearbit needed a way to describe the details of how their data was gathered and verified. By understanding where data was coming from, they could establish trust with potential customers.

  • Make complex data process easily understandable by breaking down into chunks
  • B2B businesses operate in a constantly changing global market. Visual representation of relevant data emphasizes high quality and coverage.
  • Highlight competitive advantage and strength over competitors
Full 'About Our Data' Project

The Results

Over the course of multiple projects, Clearbit was able to:

  • Convert a former competitor's customers and increase trial users of the Clearbit Salesforce integration
  • Connect with B2B marketers to communicate the importance of using data for faster growth
  • Create a set of tools to enhance quality of sales conversations with high-value prospects

In addition to helping companies like Clearbit connect with prospects through their marketing, my main focus is on product design. Here's what I've done for the Google Photos app and Heap Analytics.

What Clearbit had to say...

We choose to work with Bryan because of his strong design sense and familiarity with the B2B/Salesforce world. Our initial project has evolved into an ongoing relationship, and these ongoing projects have led to new trial signups, more and better sales conversations, and a valuable partnership with a Fortune 500 company.

Bryan understands both the business and technical sides of design and communicates effectively with both our marketing and development teams. Because he designed with our development team in mind, we were able to decrease our development time considerably.

He was able to adapt to existing style constraints while still pushing the brand forward, ensuring our design speaks directly to our audience. In areas outside of his expertise, Bryan was able to connect us with other contractors in his network. It's been a pleasure working with Bryan, and I'm looking forward to working with him on future projects.

Matt Sornson
Growth Marketing @ Clearbit

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