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Connect with B2B SaaS users and leads with product and marketing design

Efficient, effective, and excited users can be your best salespeople, marketers, and product experts. Zavzen provides research-based design to help you align business and user goals. When you both want the same thing, you both win!

Zavzen helped Clearbit sign up more users and made their sales and product teams more effective

We choose to work with Bryan because of his strong design sense and familiarity with the B2B/Salesforce world. Our marketing design projects have led to new trial signups, more and better sales conversations, and a valuable partnership with a Fortune 500 company. His understanding of both the business and technical sides of design allowed us to decrease our development time considerably while increasing our conversion metrics. We've already done multiple projects, and I'm looking forward to working with him again!

Matt Sornson
Growth Marketing @ Clearbit

Clearbit had a huge opportunity when a competitor to their data enrichment platform was shutting down. Users were looking for a new solution, but Clearbit didn't have an effective way to reach those customers. Zavzen worked closely with Clearbit to create a resource specifically targeting users looking for a new solution. This generated leads for their free trial as well as being an effective tool for their sales team to reference while speaking to higher-value prospects.

Additionally, Clearbit faced the challenge of communicating with three distinct audiences: sales, marketing, and developers. Through a 'Data-Driven Sales' guide and in-depth API documentation, their content marketing spoke effectively to 2/3 of those audiences. However, they needed a way to connect with marketers. By working with Zavzen to create a targeted content marketing resource, they were able to better reach their potential B2B marketing buyers.

Through our partnership, Clearbit has improved their marketing and sales efforts by reaching new users, improving sales conversations, and differentiating from competitors.

Working with Zavzen, you will get...

Research-based product design.
Focus on retention and revenue rather than shadows and serifs.
Consistency across multiple platforms and products
Coordinated messaging to target multiple audiences
Understanding of complex applications and long sales cycles.
Insight into how marketing, onboarding and product fit together.
End-to-end communication. Design starts before the first sketch and isn’t complete until it’s live.

Climbcation improved a complex, data-driven process by 4x with a complete design overhaul

I was particularly happy with the UX engineering that went into the submit location page. Bryan cut the time to complete that process down by 75%. It took about 20-25 minutes before. Now it takes ~5 minutes!

Super easy to work with. Well suited to work with technical folks since we can have a deeper conversation on why things work the way they do. You have a solid technical understanding on how UX works, and the UI was just a bonus. ...and the logo is kick ass!

Daniel Sauerbrun
Founder @ Climbcation

Limited-availability, complementary marketing and product design diagnostic

By looking over the design of your marketing site and application, we can diagnose potential reasons why users choose to stop using your product or don't sign up in the first place. After a 30 minute phone conversation with me, you will:

  • Understand how design can more effectively connect your product and marketing with users and leads
  • Discover how to bridge the gap between someone finding your product and excited, high LTV users by ensuring your marketing, onboarding, and product all work together seamlessly 
  • Have a list of ideas for using design to improve user acquisition or reduce churn.

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